short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi : The festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated every year on the day of Shravan Purnima.

Its first full moon was Guru-Purnima, which was dedicated to gurus and teachers.

Before that there was Buddha Purnima and before that there was Chaitra-Purnima. So this full moon is called Shravan-Purnima, this festival of Raksha-bandhan is dedicated to the relationship of brother and sister’s love and duty.

short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

importance of rakshabandhan

Significance of Rakshabandhan On Rakshabandhan, sister ties Rakhi to her brother.

Brother assures his sister to always support and protect her. This tradition is very popular in our India, and it is a big festival of Shravan Purnima.

On this day the Yagyopaveet is changed.short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

Rakshabandhan means a unique relationship of protection, in which sisters tie a thread of Rakhi to their brothers, but this thread is also tied with the spirit of friendship, which we also call the thread of friendship.

This name has been kept in English now, but Raksha Bandhan was already there, it is a relation of Raksha.

Therefore, Raksha Bandhan is such a festival, when all the sisters go to their brothers’ house, and tie rakhi to their brothers, and say “I will protect you and you protect me”.

And it is not necessary that they should be their own brothers, they tie rakhi to anyone else and play the relation of sister.

So this practice is very popular in this country, and it is a big festival of Shravan Purnima. On this day the Yagyopaveet is changed.

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We have an age-old tradition of tying Rakhi on Rakshabandhan. Every full moon is dedicated to some or the other festival.

The most important thing is that you celebrate life.short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi.short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

All brothers and sisters should celebrate the festival of Rakshabandhan with a lot of good wishes, taking the responsibility of protecting and protecting each other with love and duty.

short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

Raksha Bandhan

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Message of Yagyopaveet (Janeu) and importance of changing

To remind you that you have three responsibilities or debts on your shoulders – responsibility to parents, responsibility to society and responsibility to knowledge.

These are our three responsibilities or debts. We are indebted to our parents, we are indebted to society, and we are indebted to the guru.

That is, towards knowledge. So these are the three types of debt, and the Yajnopaveeta reminds us of these three responsibilities.

When we say ‘loan’ – we think it is some loan which we have to pay back. But we should understand it as a responsibility.

So what is meant by debt in this context? Responsibility! It is to remember our responsibilities towards the past generation, for the next generation and for the present generation. And so, you wrap the thread three times.

That is its importance – I have to keep my body pure, my mind pure and my speech pure; Purity in body, mind and speech.

And when there is a thread hanging around you, every day you remember this – “Oh, I have these three responsibilities”.

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In the olden days, women also had to wear this thread. It was not limited to just one caste or any other caste.

raksha bandhan wishes for sister


raksha bandhan

It was worn by everyone – whether he was a Brahmin, a Vaishya, a Kshatriya or a Shudra; But later it was limited to only a few people.

So on this day, when this sacred thread (Janeu) is changed, it is done with a resolution, “May I be given strength, that whatever actions I do may be efficient and sruta”.

One needs qualifications to perform karma. And when the body is pure, the speech is pure and the consciousness is awakened, then only the work is completed.short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

It has been said that in order to make someone work, whether it is spiritual or worldly work, they need skill and ability and to get this skill and ability, you have to be responsible. Only a responsible person deserves the job.

What a beautiful message. And Yagyopaveet Sanskar – means learning how to take responsibility.

Janeu (sacred thread) should not be changed just like this. There are responsibilities in life.short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

So it is changed with awareness and determination that “whatever I do, do it responsibly”.short essay on raksha bandhan in hindi

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