hey gauri shankar ardhangini

Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra | Best Gauri mantra108

The parents of a marriageable girl are often apprehensive about when their daughter will get married and what kind of husband she will get!

Despite making lakhs of efforts, many times there are obstacles in the marriage of the girl child. Due to which the parents are surrounded by mental problems.

A very proven mantra (Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra) of Maa Gauri is being told to you to remove the hurdle or delay in the marriage of a girl, due to which the chances of early marriage are made, as well as the girl gets the best groom. Happens also First Love Marriage In The World.

If a girl wants her desired groom then she can get the desired groom by chanting this mantra. (Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra Benefits)

hey gauri shankar ardhangini – Manovanchit Var Prapti Mantra Lyrics

The mantra (Gauri Mantra for getting desired husband) is as follows. If you want, you can also chant the mantra through video. We are providing for you 108 times with counting, in pure pronunciation:

हे गौरि ! शंकरार्धांगि ! यथा त्वं शंकरप्रिया ।
तथा मां कुरु कल्याणि कान्तकान्तां सुदुर्लभाम्।



Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra Meaning :

This is the mantra of Goddess Parvati in which it is prayed to Bhagwati Parvati that as she is dear to Lord Shankar, she may bestow and bless us with such a rare wish and blessings.

The girl who recites this Parvati mantra at least 108 times with a concentrated mind, soon Bhagwati Devi gives her the desired boon and all the obstacles and obstacles coming in her marriage are removed.

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Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra Meaning in English

Goddess Gauri, the better-half of Lord Shankara, As you are beloved of Lord Shiva, please provide Me the desired bridegroom.

(Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra) Method and Time:

– The girl whose marriage is getting interrupted or wants the best and desired, she should start reciting the above mentioned mantra (Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra) in Gurupushya, Ravipushya, Akshaya Tritiya, Navratri, Shivratri, Sawan or any auspicious time.

If this auspicious time is not near, then the recitation of this mantra can be started from Monday or Tuesday also.

In the morning, after retiring from bath, wear clean clothes of red color and sit on a clean seat. Keep a picture of Maa Parvati along with the Shiva family in front of you. Sit facing north or east.

In your mind, meditate on Mother Parvati and think that Mother Parvati, who is of gaur varna.

hey gauri shankar ardhangini
hey gauri shankar ardhangini

He is wearing bright clothes. She is sitting calmly in a happy-minded posture. She listens to the prayers of her devotees and blesses them. I bow again and again to such a divine mother.

After this, chant this mantra of Mata Gauri at least 108 times i.e. one rosary or you can also chant through video. You can chant with a single rosary for quick results.

You (marriageable girl) have to do this worship continuously for at least 45 days (except the days of periods). You can continue beyond this.

After chanting, imagine for 5 minutes that Maa Gauri is pleased with you and is giving you the blessings of a perfect husband and a happy married life.

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Maa Gauri full faith and belief and chanting the mantra in maximum quantity will be beneficial. You can do this sadhana 3 or 4 times till success is achieved.

(Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra) Rules:

  1. Start the puja on Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Try to have the same place of worship and keep the time the same. That is, if you worship at 10:00 in the morning, then do it every day at the same time. There may be a difference of 10-15 minutes.
  3. To get the best groom, the girl herself should perform this puja. Chant 5 rosary and at least 1 rosary of mantra daily.
  4. Do this mantra of Maa Gauri with full devotion and faith. Do not take this mantra to check or as a joke.
  5. Keep in mind that the girl should be marriageable.
  6. Along with worship, efforts should also be made for the marriage of the girl child so that the effect of the mantra can be clear soon. (Gauri Mantra for getting desired husband)
  7. Eat sattvik food during the puja. Do not eat non veg.

NOTE: Take Care! It is not necessary that you chant while sitting at the place of worship. You can chant sitting anywhere in a pure place.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you always have to sit at that place and chant at the same time.

If you have a Rudraksh garland, then you can garland with it, otherwise you can do it without the garland with the video (the video is being provided to you with counting of 108 mantras).

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If you have any picture with Mata Gauri, Lord Shiva and Ganesh ji then it is very good otherwise you can worship them by imagining them in your mind and also by meditating on them with true heart.

Worship only whatever. Do it with a sincere heart.(Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Mantra)

Mantra for desired husband।Hey Gauri Shankar108 Times । Gauri mantra108

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